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About Us

Hello and welcome to I Sell My Art.com,

We created I Sell My Art for artists or others who want to sell their art.  The art is sold by “simple auction”, “buy it now”, or “make an offer”.

  • No shopping your work to galleries.
  • No rejections.
  • No hauling your work to different locations.
  • No 50-50 split.

You simply post photos and descriptions of your work, offer your work with or without a frame, describe shipping and then sell your art.  That simple.

We recommend you set a starting price that is close to your reserve price so bidders don’t get frustrated with trying to reach the reserve price.

The fastest and easiest way to sell your art is to let your friends, collectors, and family know your art is posted on I Sell My Art.com.  It’s great to sell a piece for $800-$900 but we all know that our bread and butter comes from smaller sales.  Try to produce work that is smaller.  It’s easier to produce and ship.  Bidders are more likely to purchase work in the $60-$300 range.

Happy Selling and if you have questions or comments, click here.

Thank you for joining our family!