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michael lewis

Michael Lewis is an American Artist, instructor, and videographer.  His work is immediately recognizable and he is collected worldwide.

“Outside is where you learn how to paint. The studio is where you learn how to be creative.”

Michael and Peggy live in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico. They maintain a home, studio, greenhouse, and pond.  Occasionally, they stage workshops for artists but mostly they have a daily routine of painting, maintaining their home, and walking in the forest with their dog and cat, Chaco and Puddy.

Michael has over 50,000 Youtube subscribers and millions of views of his instructional videos. He loves to share his painting techniques and his understanding of art.

Michael has taught more than 10,000 New Mexico students about the basics of art. His workshops have been staged in over 400 classrooms. He has installed 14 public art projects throughout the state with the help of these students.

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